...FISCO-TURN, a dedicated team of experienced professionals that offers certenty, discretion and the comfort of the best advisetory to your company and to your finance.


FISCO-TURN is an accounting and administration firm which, thanks to a small, tight-knit team, guarantees a professional, flexible service. Personal attention and up-to-the minute legal and tax knowledge are the keys to our success and yours.


Besides handling your bookkeeping and accounting FISCO-TURN also offers advice and support in setting up your accounting and financial structure. We take care of your financial and tax planning, advise on the business structure and legal status of the company and assist you in obtaining financing.


  • Assistance with forming the company
  • Handling of all startup formalities
    (subscribing to an independent social security fund, obtaining a VAT number, commercial registration etc, ...)
  • Processing of purchase and sales invoices
  • Monthly or quarterly VAT declaration
  • Processing of bank statements, cash, Visa/MasterCard...
  • Processing of payroll
  • End balance and preparation of financial statements
  • Completing corporation tax return
  • Completing personal income tax returns for managers/directors
  • All VAT and tax controls
  • Full handling of administration and monitoring of payments (optional)
  • Supervision of the setup of the sole proprietorship
  • Handling all startup formalities
    (subscription to independent social security fund, filing VAT number, registration application, ...)
  • Processing of purchase and sales invoices
  • Monthly and quarterly VAT returns
  • Processing of payroll
  • Processing final year result
  • Completion of personal income tax return
  • All tax and VAT controls
  • Full handling of administration and payment follow-up (optional)